(Visually) What is and how to sandwich hold breastfeeding latch trick

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Sandwich “Hamburger” hold is a breastfeeding latching trick that nursing mother can do to ease her baby’s latching especially if she has a large breast or small baby mouth.

The idea is to squeeze your breast using one of your palms to reduce the breast size before baby latching.

Actually, this latching trick is the same when you approach a big, large, and thick sandwich which is bigger than your mouth opening where:

  1. You press “squeeze” the sandwich
  2. You widely open your mouth as much as you can




How to do sandwich hold breastfeeding latching trick?

As we said before, use one of your palms to support/catch your used breast. Follow one of next breastfeeding holds to squeeze your large breast:


C hold

how-to-sandwich-hold-breastfeeding drawing


U hold




 V hold




Notes on sandwich hold breastfeeding

For example, the c hold is suitable when you are using the football nursing position.

  • In these techniques, your fingers are away from your breast areola. In deep latching, the most of your areola is hidden inside your baby’s mouth.


  • After the early weeks of breastfeeding and when your child gets older, you may not need to squeeze/hold your breast anymore. Your baby becomes more professional in latching and can use his own hands to support his latching.


What after the sandwich hold?

Your large breast is ready now to your newborn to latch.

What comes after that is to make your baby widely opens his mouth to catch the most of your areola.

Generally, humans lower jaw is the only movable part of the facial bones.

So, for wide mouth opening, make sure that your breastfed baby drops his lower jaw down enough to catch the base of your areola.





But how to make your baby drops his lower jaw down enough.

In other words, how to stimulate your infant for wide mouth opening while using the sandwich nursing hold?

It is an easy process and may take few trials at the beginning to master this practice.

Follow the next procedure for wide mouth opening and pain-free baby latch while nursing:

  1. Apply the sandwich hold
  2. Hit your breast nipple with your baby’s nose ( your baby expect your nipple in his mouth and by doing that he would make his best to catch the breast by wide mouth opening.)
  3. Repeat the nose hitting till you see the largest opening then insert your breast at the suitable time

Remember you may unlatch your baby if you feel that his latching is not good (wide) enough.



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