“Diagrams” What is the lipstick nipple during breastfeeding?

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Lipstick nipple or pinched nipple shape after breastfeeding is a sign of bad baby latching during breastfeeding. After breastfeeding session is ended, your nipple takes the shape of the new tube of lipstick “slanted”  or the shape of orthodontic nipple instead of the regular round appearance.

This sign is due to the improper position of your nipple into your baby’s mouth.

Your nipple should be deeply inserted through the wide mouth opening of your breastfed baby. That wide opening guarantees the deep “proper” baby latch.

Check the next picture about nipple shape after breastfeeding “Normal rounded vs pinched stressed one”



And to make it more clear for you, touch your mouth roof with your tongue right now. What do you notice?

At the upper part of your oral cavity- behind your front tooth- the hard palate part starts.

Now, move your tongue back to the point at which the hard palate ends.

At this point, the soft palate starts “bone-free palate.”

Our primary goal from this little practical tip is to discover the area which should face your nipple while baby latch.


Why does lipstick nipple shape represent a bad sign of baby latching?

In shallow baby latching, your nipple is not deeply inserted into your breastfed baby’s mouth. Your nipple is facing the hard palate part which is the main cause of every single problem or pain of breastfeeding like:


shallow-latch-and-lipstick-nipple-shape-after-breastfeeding infographic



How to fix the lipstick nipple?

Simply, correct your baby latching.

The correct/ideal baby latching is when your nipple is inserted deeply to the point of the soft palate of your baby’s mouth. Hence, your nipple is facing the soft tissue which leads to:

  • Optimum milk extraction
  • Intact nipple with no pain
  • Reach your breastfeeding objectives



Check our super helpful/visual guide on how to have the good latching during breastfeeding.

Both of the previous illustrations are crucially important to achieve a high rate of breastfeeding success, especially for new moms.

Unfortunately, there are tons of online mistaken pieces of advice when it comes to nipple problems during breastfeeding. So, we at breasfeedo are committed to the visual and the evidence-based breastfeeding advice to help mothers to correct the famous mistakes during their nursing journey.

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