(6 drawings) The Laid back breastfeeding: after bitrth and in bed nursing position

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What is the laid back breastfeeding?

Laid-back nursing or Biological Nurturing is a breastfeeding position where it complies with all natural reflexes of your breastfed baby. During this nursing position, your baby is capable of finding your breast easily with the lesser assistant from your side.


How to do the biological nurturing laid-back breastfeeding? How does it look like?

The laid-back breastfeeding hold is to breastfeed your baby when you are lying down on your back with a semi-reclining position.

Your baby’s body is facing yours “stomach to stomach, ” and the gravity is responsible for baby stabilization during breastfeeding without your support.







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Benefits of laid back breastfeeding

Generally, during the first weeks, your breastfed baby is still learning how to extract his breast milk. Sucking the breast for milk is a relatively time-consuming process. Thus, laid back latching is :

  1. The best nursing position after birth” within one hour.”
  2. For all new breastfeeding mothers, nursing while lying back is comfortable, secure, flexible and adjustable.
  3. Also, the laid back position is the best nursing position if your baby stays for a long time on breasts “hands-free nursing position.”




Note The breast milk doesn’t come in immediately during your baby’s sucking. You would notice that your baby sucks vigorously for the first 2 minutes without gaining any milk.

The breast milk doesn’t come in immediately during your baby’s sucking. You would notice that your baby sucks vigorously for the first 2 minutes without gaining any milk. Check our guide on how breast milk is synthesized “infographic.”


  • In the others breastfeeding positions, you may need to use more pillows to support both of your body and baby. But in laid-back latching, one pillow is required to support your neck and shoulders.


  • You can stimulate your sleepy baby to nurse while laid back position.


  • During this comfortable nursing position, you get a wonderful:
  1. Eye contact with your baby “clear visual area.”
  2. Skin to skin contact “stomach to stomach.”




laid back breastfeeding in special cases

1-The laid-back method during breastfeeding is a flexible nursing position, and the baby could approach your breast from any angle “360° degree breastfeeding position.” So, you can master the laid back position for feeding your twins.






2- Laid back breastfeeding after c section is not something impossible. As we said before, you can modify this comfort breastfeeding position to make your baby away from your incision. Check this diagram with 4 different baby positions while laid back nursing.





3-laid back breastfeeding for an older baby “toddler”  is the same as the previous example in the case of a c section. 1-year baby is heavier than before, and you may feel discomfort if he is lying on your belly. Hence, modify the baby position as illustrated previously in the diagram.


laid back breastfeeding tips and techniques “latching in laid-back breastfeeding.”

For good baby latching while laid back position, here are some notes:


  • Baby’s nose must be completely free while laid-back breastfeeding position.


  • In the case of small breasts while laid back nursing, you wouldn’t face any problem such in case of big breasts. If you have small breasts, it is much easier for your baby to latch without your hand support “sandwich breastfeeding hold.” Also, you get a clear vision between you and your baby while latching.


  • laid back breastfeeding with large breasts: use one of your hands to compress/squeeze your breast before your infant latching.


  • Latching in laid-back breastfeeding position is smooth and natural for your baby. Your nipple is darker for that reason where your 1-hour baby old is capable to recognize and smell your nipple.


See our visual guide “9 pictures”: How to good baby latching during any breastfeeding position.



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