7 questions every mom asks about coffee intake in breastfeeding (infographic)

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When any breastfeeding mom catches her daily cup of coffee, two opposite feelings would be shown up:


1- It is time to receive her daily dose of joy and happiness.

Medically, it is completely true.

Caffeine will stimulate the dopamine secretion in your brain.

Certainly, Dopamine is the brain chemical of euphoria.


2- She is feeling distressed, as she knows that caffeine would affect her breastfed baby negatively.

For sure, caffeine is passed from mom to her breast milk. Your baby would get his caffeine through his daily meal while breastfeeding sessions.


Our objective is to define the relation between caffeine and breastfeeding with evidence based recommendation



  • Let us make it clear cut for you

Caffeine is merely safe for nursing mom to drink.

Either before or after breastfeeding session.



1- Does caffeine intake while breastfeeding has any side effects for mom?


Within the moderate caffeine intake (Up to 400 mg/ day of caffeine), it was found that:

  • No effect on heart beats or cardiovascular system for the nursing mom.
  • Caffeine does not change breast milk composition.
  • Also, no toxicity or effects on bone status, calcium balance.
  • Even the behavioral state was not affected.


2- How much caffeine could I take per day while breastfeeding?


0 mg / day


The moderate intake would not cause any hurt.

Further more, some studies tried up to 800 mg/ day and also it was safe for nursing mom and their breastfed babies.

heavy consumption of caffeine while breastfeeding


We recommend sticking to the safest limit of 300 mg/day.

Not only that but watch your breastfed baby always for any undesirable changes in the case of increased caffeine intake.

caffeine and breastfeeding infographic


3- Is there any relation between caffeine intake and SIDS?



SIDS = Sudden Infant Death Syndrome due to unknown causes, especially at the first 6 months of baby’s age.

It is very clear that caffeine intake by mom during or after pregnancy was not found to be a cause of  SIDS.

Actually, caffeine is used as a treatment for infant apnea.


safety of caffeine in general as a treatment



4- Could the caffeine in breast milk influence my breastfed baby sleep?


  • The answer came from 885 breastfed babies who were tested before birth and up to 3 months after delivery.
  • The result: babies who their moms are heavy in caffeine intake may be affected regarding the sleep and the arousal. That being said but the chances are low (13.8%), even in the case of heavy consumers.

Heavy consumers = more than 400 mg caffeine per day

Pay attention to that: during the nighttime, your baby arouses naturally more than once (3 times per night). Hence, don’t overestimate the caffeine role.


American Academy of Pediatrics conclusion regarding breastfeeding and caffeine relationship



5- How much time does caffeine take to reach breast milk?


It appears very fast -within 15 min– to reach both mom serum and breast milk.

Add on, it reaches the maximum concentration within 1 hour.

The good news:

  • It was noted that 25 %  of consumed caffeine is found in mom serum.
  • But what about breast milk?

Only 1.5 % of mom caffeine (in some studies it reached up to  3.2 %)

For example,  You had a cup of coffee which contains 100 mg caffeine.

So, the maximum amount that reaches your breastfed baby would be from 3.2 mg.

(By the way, caffeine binding is associated with the fatty layer of the breast milk)


breastfeeding and caffeine intake screen shot




6-Can nursing mom get decaf coffee while breastfeeding?



Absolutely yes.

Even more, and according to a study where up to 5 cups of decaffeinated coffee are consumed per day.

And the result

No noticeable effects on both heart rate or sleep time. As Infants serum did not contain detectable amounts of caffeine.

7- How can I calculate the amount of caffeine per each drink?


We had done some online researches and found that caffeine calculator is the best.

Just enter the drink and your weight then, you would be provided with the maximum limit of drinks per day.


caffeine calculator

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