Breastfeeding positions : How to breastfeed (visual guide)

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the visual answer to how to breastfeed?


I am happy because you reached that place. You are on the right way as a breastfeeder.
Seeking breastfeeding positions is the most important factor to maintain:

1- Pain-free breastfeeding journey
2- Proper baby weight gain.
3- Breast milk maximum extraction.

But unfortunately – in 2011-

Only 18.8 % of USA breastfeeding women
continue the 6 months of Exclusive breastfeeding .


  And the other 80% failed to continue . That because of breastfeeding problems & issues  

1st Time moms may face hard times during breastfeeding
More than
breastfeeding cession

in the first 6 months of your baby’s age

(Where your baby latch on your breasts around 8-10 times / day)

  So ,if you don’t have enough knowledge about baby latch, I can ensure you would stop breastfeeding
in around 2 months and say welcome to formula.

The laid back breastfeeding position

laid back breastfeeding position

  It is the 1st position u should use immediately after birth.

  Within 1 hr of birth , if your baby be placed on your abdomen  (in natural childbirth ) , he has the ability to find your breast on its own – without your assistant .

This crawling , make your baby decide when to take the first breastfeed.

    Without thinking , your nipple & areola are darker for that reason .

  Also they have special smell your baby can detect , crawl for it .

   Newborn breast crawl is due to infant stepping reflex .When your newborn’s feet touch a solid surface, they’ll start “walking”

 That enable your baby to push himself (crawl) along your’s abdomen after delivery to search for your nipple.

Your breastfed baby Must widely open his mouth

  • 50% of correct latch breastfeeding is dependent on this breastfeeding latch trick .
  • Whatever is the breastfeeding position used, baby’s wide mouth opening is the key.
  • Be patient to make it correctly . And don’t forget that your breastfed baby knows how to latch properly .
how to stimulate wide mouth open for breastfed baby
If u have big breasts , implement one of these breastfeeding techniques

  • As we said , it is a heavy sandwich for your baby .
  • You need to decrease the weight or squeeze the size by these breast support techniques

1 – “C” hold

c hold breastfeeding posiitions

This hold is suitable for clutch & football position

“U” hold

u hold breastfeeding positions

U hold is suitable for cradle & cross-cradle positions.

“Scissors” hold

Nipple problems

It always makes me sad when mothers quit nursing because of sorenessAnne smith , IBCLC

3 main types of problems :

  1. Sore
  2. Flat
  3. Inverted
  1. Use a piece of ice wrapped with a piece of clothes. That would tingle the nipple before baby latch
  2. Hand compression & breast massage
  3. Let some breast milk drops onto your nipple after feeding. It has calming, soothing, anti-bacterial effect.
  4. Moisturizing your nipple with Lanolin or Glycerin after each feeding.
  5. Avoid using soap on the sore or cracked nipple.
  6. Hydrogel pads.
 Avoid Bad ( shallow)  baby latching


1 – Painful for mom . It is the main cause of sore , inflamed nipple .

2- By time it would cause blocked milk ducts and breast engorgement . More than that may lead to serious breast infection.

3 – Bad baby latching = early breastfeeding weaning . Because the baby can’t extract breast milk sufficiently . Thus no new milk produced . Thus milk supply decreased

5- The best position for C – section (Cesarean Birth ) is Football position

Why ? As u see , the baby’s weight is away from your abdomen .

  • Pillow under your baby to adjust the height reaching the breast.
  • C Hold for your breast
  • C cup of the hand supporting your baby
  • Baby’s ear & Arm & Hip are in straight line
football position for c section delievery
Actionable breastfeeding latch tricks

Apply these breastfeeding latch tips to get proper & correct baby latch with no pain :

1-Baby’s nose : is free even with big breasts . U can pass your finger between breast and nose .

2-Areola : Apply the assymetric latch . Most of it is in your baby’s mouth . You can see only the part above your nipple only.

3-Baby’s lips : are flanged outward ( u can see the inner pinky tissue of his lips )

4-Firm seal : is formed between baby’s lips and your areola : and thus no milk leakage

5-Baby’s ear : is moving during efficient sucking .

6-Swallowing : sound is familiar

7-Baby’s Chin movements is rapid at first before milk comes in . When milk is in , swallowing would decrease the rhythm of chin movement.

8-Your baby’s cheeks : pulled in during sucking then relieved and so on.

9-Baby’s diaper : 4-6 wet / day & 2-3 stool

The night time position = The Side lying


Pillows are important in that nursing position.

  • Pillow behind your baby’s back to support him.
  • One between your legs.
  • Another under your head

It is also helpful @ day time & lazy moms 🙂

The most 2 popular baby latch

The cradle & cross cradle breastfeeding latch

  • Before latching : Back & shoulder pillows + under baby carried on her elbow
  • Your baby is : straight (ear + shoulder + hip )

Remember : baby’s chin never to his chest ( hard to swallow )


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