12 real benefits of breastfeeding for mothers vs formula “Research based”

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1-Breastfeeding benefits for mom regarding 4 female cancers


What is the relation between breastfeeding and female cancer? 

As long as you breastfeed, your menstruation frequency decreased especially when exclusive breastfeeding.

In other words, estrogen level in your body is diminished during breastfeeding time.

The estrogen hormone exposure is related to all female cancer risks. Thus, your risk of developing breast, endometrial, ovarian, and uterine cancer decreased. It is due to less stimulation of estrogen hormone. Source

Also, breast milk production for 24/7 limits breast cells ability to mutate (misbehave.) Moreover, most nursing mothers tend to modify their bad lifestyle and eating habits while breastfeeding.

Proven benefits of breastfeeding regarding female cancer:

  1. Breast cancer
  2. Endometrial Cancer
  3. Ovarian cancer
  4. Uterine cancer


  • Breast cancer  A study from 30 countries that enrolled about 50,000 women with breast cancer and 96,973 without cancer. Breastfeeding benefits for one year = 4.3% reduction in breast cancer risk per child. Source


  • Endometrial cancer prevalence is around 3% among the USA females. In 2014, about 710,228 women had endometrial cancer. Source


  • Unfortunately, women who had ovarian cancer have the highest death rate among all female types of cancer. 50% of the 21,650 women with ovarian cancer die every year from this cancer alone. Source


  • Breastfeeding benefits the nursing mom and reduce the risk of uterine cancer. Source


  • Thyroid Cancer Although thyroid cancer risk is not related to female estrogen exposure, it was found – according to American Association for Cancer Research –  prolonged breastfeeding benefits mothers by reducing the risk of thyroid cancer.


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2-One of the mother’s benefits of breastfeeding past 1 year is protection vs. Rheumatoid Arthritis

A huge number of women (121,700) enrolled during Nurses’ Health Study, and the outcomes were amazing as follows:

  • Breastfeeding past one year was inversely related to the development of mother RA.
  • Risk decreased as lactation period increased (dose dependent.)



3-Breastfeeding support health benefits of nursing mother by offering a sufficient birth spacing

One of the exclusive breastfeeding benefits to mothers is to help in more spacing intervals between births. Breastfeeding is a natural way of contraception which is called  Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM).

As you know, during first months of exclusive breastfeeding, the ovulation chances decreased, and thus the likelihood of pregnancy. Source



4-lactating mom benefits regarding the harmful UTI “Urinary Tract Infection.”

There are a harmful bacteria called E.coli which infects both baby and mother urinary tract.

This bacteria is acting by adhesion to the urinary tract wall of humans and starts to proliferate.

The oligosaccharides are the magical component of your breast milk. Nursing Mothers are producing around 500-800 mg oligosaccharides/day.

Fortunately, this amazing sugar inhibits the bacterial adhesion and eases the removal of these types of bacteria within the urine.



5-Benefits of breastfeeding for smoking mother

Breastfeeding affects mother positively regarding her mood. This mood effect is related to the indirect relation between breastfeeding and smoking relapse.

2546 women in Italy participated in evaluating their smoking patterns before and after pregnancy. It was clear that prolonged breastfeeding “until one year” contributes to lesser smoking and even lower chances of mother relapse after quitting.  Source


6-Scientific based benefits of one year breastfeeding for diabetic mother ” TYPE I, II.”

We are talking here about two extensive studies called NHS, NHS II.

Over 150,000 USA mothers participated during the period between (1986 -2002.)

Finding14-15 % decrease in the risk of type 2 diabetes for breastfeeding mothers for every breastfeeding year.

More than that, for diabetic type I mothers,  breastfeeding reduces the insulin requirements by 27% VS bottle feeding moms, even the carbohydrate intake of breastfeeding diabetic mothers was higher than the formula feeding moms.

One of the scientist’s recommendation is to reduce the pregnancy insulin dose by a quarter in the case of breastfeeding while to maintain the same dose of insulin in the case of formula feeding. Source



7-A real benefit of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding regarding back to work mother

Some mothers think that when they bottle feed, they would have less disturbance during night sleeping.

This is a wrong perception, where breast milk is easily digested and cause more comfort to your baby’s stomach and thus more sleeping.

This study is a definite proof of the benefit of breastfeeding where 133 new mothers and fathers involved to search their sleeping patterns in the third month after delivery.

45-40 mins more sleep for parents is an incredible benefit of exclusive breastfeeding versus formula feeding.

Parents of infants given formula at night also self-reported more sleep disturbance than parents of infants who were exclusively breastfed at night.

Don’t forget that an extra 45 mins sleeping would positively affect your next day productivity. Source



8-Nursing mothers get the benefits of breastfeeding on postpartum depression scale

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) is a questionnaire formed of 10 questions asked to mothers after delivery to assess the degree of postpartum depression.

If you are a breastfeeder, you have the lesser opportunities to suffer from the PostPartum Depression (PPD) or get a high score on the EPDS.

And that protection lasts for more than four months. Source


Benefits of breastfeeding for mom (Emotional and Psychological)

 1-Greater response to your baby’s crying

Without thinking, to breastfeed is to maximize close mother-baby contact & to potentiate the emotional bonding between both of you.

During breastfeeding & when your baby starts to cry, your brain has greater activation in the emotional area than in the non-breastfeeding case.  That was due to breastfeeding powerful bonding between you and your baby. Source


2-Breastfeeding improves maternal sensitivity towards your breastfed baby

What Is maternal sensitivity?

The mother can translate & adequately respond to her baby’s behavioral signals. The more maternal sensitivity, the healthier your baby (more socially & cognitively developed children.)

Breastfeeding benefits to the mother by:

1- Less mom’s attentional bias towards her newborn distress.
2- More protection vs. child neglect.
3- Lesser family violence for the mother & her children.


3-The breastfeeding moms have better mood than the formula feeders

What is the key factor here? It is the breastfeeding hormone Prolactin. This wonderful lactation hormone tends to have a relaxing effect.

Plus, it benefits breastfeeders (moms) to have:

  • More positive moods
  • Less anger & depression
  • More positive life events
  • Less stress

Thus, breastfeeding appears to be protective against negative feelings and stress. Source



10-Benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for mothers on her cardiovascular system

From 1991 to 2005, about 55, 636 women enrolled to discover the relation between breastfeeding benefits and the mother cardiovascular system.

  • Lower prevalence of hypertension and
  • Hyperlipidemia plus
  • Cardiovascular disease.

Recommendation Exclusive breastfeeding for six months and up to 1 year per one babySource



11-Breastfeeding benefits vs. formula feeding for mother regarding SLE

85% of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) patients are females.

That is a huge indicator that the female hormones play an essential role in SLE progression.

Simply, breastfeeding is a protective factor against this autoimmune disease.

Two elements enhance this breastfeeding benefit:

  • The number of breastfed babies the mother have.
  • The duration or total weeks of breastfeeding for each baby. Source



12-Benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for mother to weight loss


Regarding weight gain, there are two familiar expressions related to mother body weight:

  • During pregnancy, mother gains weight which is called Gestational Weight Gain GWG
  • After birth, the mother’s extra weight is called PostPartum Weight Retention PPWR

This weight gain during pregnancy is essential for breastfeeding later.

It is considered the reservoir for breast milk production later. Your body is smart enough to store fats during pregnancy as an energy store to produce the breast milk without depending on mother’s diet.

Back to our main point, the next study –  Danish National Birth Cohort  -is done on a huge number “more than 60,000 mothers.”

The result was exclusive breastfeeding for six months helps nursing moms to eliminate up to 12 kg of GWG. So, breastfeeding decreases the PPWR.




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