When any mom starts to prepare herself for breastfeeding, the first place to check is the internet. That is either from social media or search engines “ Google.”

We went for the same way -searching for breastfeeding online- and we were disappointed because we were faced by:

  • Bunch of untrusted websites with tons of false and fake information
  • Some are trusted but not easy to read or to deliver the right message
  • Boring types of data depending on walls of text

BREASTFEEDO.COM is a website launched with three main goals regarding breastfeeding:

  1. Providing only evidence-based advice
  2. Helping new moms by introducing that breastfeeding advice visually
  3. Keep high level of good user experience & user interface

He is a pharmacist (pharmacy Bsc 2004) and started his digital marketing journey at 2015.

He is also a father of two where they were breastfed for two full years. He was very thankful to his wife for her breastfeeding choice.

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He is a digital marketer and responsible for communication and public relation for breastfeedo.com. Amr also is talented in leading our team of writers and designer to focus on our primary goals.He is a result oriented person and knows how to approach the right opportunity at the right timing.

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