6 colostrum benefits would make you love to breastfeed (infographics)

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All what we are going to say here is about both human colostrum and bovine one. Both of them are very close to each other in composition and benefits.

But colostrum benefits for your breastfed baby are more than super important and could be a life-saving. Your colostrum (also called Foremilk) compensates the deficit of your baby regarding 3 main areas

  • Growth and repairing
  • Immunity
  • Nutrition

Naturally, the colostrum benefits come from its components. And in the next 7 mins reading, you would meet the most surprising ingredients found in that super baby food.


1- lactoferrin of colostrum is a tough soldier

It is one of the most effective components of colostrum breast milk. Actually, it may be the best ingredient at all. It has a double action which:

1- As a guard for the iron found in colostrum.


If you think that iron in your colostrum is needed only by your breastfed baby, so you are wrong. But Who else?

The harmful bacteria is the one who tends to get her meal of iron to grow. And here is the magnificent role of Lactoferrin. It guarantees the delivery of breast milk iron to your baby only, not to any of the harmful bacteria found in your child’s gut.

2- Fighting the cancer

70 years ago, Lactoferrin showed outstanding results in fighting cancer cells. And the results were outstanding. Even more, lactoferrin exhibits his anti cancer effect through four different mechanisms


2- Do think Insulin role is limited to lower glucose level?

Before you had this article, you would answer with Big Yes. But Insulin role is more than that.

In fact, insulin builds the body tissues and organs. And this feature of insulin is called Anabolic hormone.

But, what is the relation between insulin and colostrum?

Colostrum contains IGF (I, II) = Insulin like Growth Factor which is a pro type of insulin.

(All professional body builders are using insulin in maximizing their muscle mass)


3- The Unbreakables 

That name is preserved for immunoglobulins. They are protein in nature (IgA, IgG, IgD, IgM, IgE)

They are antibodies and protein in nature. The surprise is all colostrum Immunoglobulins are not digested in your baby’s stomach.

Being resistant to digestion is important to be active to perform their actions. And what are their beneficial effects to your breastfed baby?

Two words would be enough:  Natural Vaccines.

  • They provide anti bodies specific to harmful antigens
  • Protect against multiple infections (bacterial and viral)


4- One of colostrum benefits is acting as a life saving for your breastfed baby

Necrotizing enterocolitis is a fatal disorder in newborns. A part of the small or large intestine is severely inflamed and after while that part dies.



one of colostrum benefits is protection versus NEC



And guess what do diminish the risks of that fatal issue? You are right, the breast milk colostrum.

Simply, an enzyme called PAF acetylhydrolase found exclusively in colostrum that would fight the inflammation process.

Consequently, formula fed babies are at higher risk to develop Necrotizing Enterocolitis


5- Hormones

1- Prolactin

  • Baby’s lung maturation.
  • The growth of the gut.
  • Intestinal absorption of fluid & ions.

2- Oxytocin

  • Anti-stress properties

3- Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) + Thyroxine hormone

  • Development of thyroid gland

4- Estrogen & progesterone

All of these hormones are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the circulation of your newborn.

6- The unique anti-adhesive effect

This one would make you thankful for colostrum, Why?

Because it would provide benefits not only for your baby but for you as well. Let me explain:

Your colostrum is containing a superior type of sugar called the oligosaccharides. Fortunately, it is more than sugar, it has anti-adhesion properties versus the sticky bacteria.

Those bacteria are tending to stick on the wall of different body tissues. And to be more specific the urinary bladder wall.

Oligosaccharides prevent the super-glue effect of those bacteria. So, they discharged into the urine without causing any harm.

And remember that protective effect is for both the breastfed baby and the breastfeeding mom also.


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